As of March 2019, HeartCo officially becomes HeartCo Limited. Ironically to remove the limitations surrounding being a Sole Trader. It’s exciting an time to be a part of the HeartCo family or to be one of our valued customers as we move forward into the next chapter of our professional services.

While we actually registered the name HeartCo Ltd in 2018, we needed to couple a few other elements together to bring both Media Sussex Ltd and Build Me Mini Ltd along for the journey, and now the dots are lining up and we are ready to roll as we move into the 2019/2020 financial year.

What will this mean for customers?
Initially, not a lot will change other than the name of the business. But, going forward, there will be a whole host of benefits for our customers – watch this space.

In the meantime, the main thing to be aware of is the division of service to the specific subsidiary business (or, for the sake of simplicity, HeartCo Departments). For Media Development projects, your invoices will now likely come from Media Sussex Ltd and all LEGO-related services will be invoiced by Build Me Mini Ltd. This will come complete with new bank account details, so please ensure you check the footer for the payment details on your next invoice 🙂

Neither Media Sussex Ltd or Build Me Mini Ltd are going anywhere and they are still very much a part of HeartCo Ltd, but for the sake of business expansion, it’s super-helpful for us to properly allocate out our departments.

What about Olivejoy Photography?
OliveJoy is still very much at the heart of HeartCo Ltd, but due to the business re-structuring it is not possible to have a Limited Company structured above a Sole Trader so OliveJoy will be a part of HeartCo in heart only. Legally they are separate entities. OliveJoy Photography clients and services will remain unaffected and unchanged.

What are the company numbers?
Because I know you’re dying to know haha.
HeartCo Ltd: 11388706
Media Sussex Ltd: 11870432
Build Me Mini Ltd: 11884742