This post may look a little bit familiar to the one we posted last year. And the year before and so on. But to be honest, this year seems to be one of the busiest we have ever experienced due to the worldwide pandemic and increased Internet sales.

For this reason, I just wanted to explain our situation.

November and December are our busiest months by far. It’s mainly due to our subsidiary businesses, Build Me Mini Limited, which serves children and grown-up children across the world with custom LEGO minifigures made from LEGO parts. Last year alone we estimate that over 3000+ houses opened a Build Me Mini figure on Christmas Day. Each one, lovingly created by our hard-working teams.

Since the actual Christmas Elves are a little busy at this time of year, all of our HeartCo team usually jump on board to lend a hand with the toy creation. That can often lead to delays in email responses and phone-lines ringing out while we tape up boxes. With all this in mind, we are really sorry for any delay in communication with either email or calls. Normal service will resume in January. And, of course, no email will be ignored – we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you do have an urgent or pressing matter, please give us as much notice as possible so we can try and work something out for you. We have an email address,, which can be used if your issue or request is urgent – but please note that requests received through this mailbox will be billed at a higher rate than usual.

In the meantime, if we’ve wet your appetite for personalised gifts… You can order your own personalised minifigure made from LEGO parts here.