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Media Sussex Ltd

At Media Sussex; we specialise in producing websites and creating and online presence for clients, including social media as well other services such as Video, Printing and Design. Each customer's needs are carefully considered when assembling a potential media solution to provide the best possible service and solution for the most competitive price possible - leaving our clients extremely satisfied with the result.

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Build Me Mini Ltd

At Build Me Mini; we sell personalised minifigures and LEGO-compatible gifts. Build Me Mini specialises in personalised minifigure made from LEGO pieces - the ultimate personal caricature for any LEGO fan. Our online store also sells existing LEGO sets and figures as well as multiple custom display options for minifigures.

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OliveJoy Photography

With OliveJoy Photography; we subcontract photography at discounted rates to one of the greatest photographers in the UK. Offering a range of photography services, OliveJoy Photography have a professional portfolio, consisting of a wide variety of photographic occasions. Ranging from weddings through to family and product photography.

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HeartCo's Big Three

As you may have already gathered, HeartCo is made up of three main businesses. You can get a brief overview of them by watching this little animation, but if you'd like to learn more about HeartCo or any of the businesses that make it up - click the button below to visit the About page.

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