HeartCo Ltd

It's not just three businesses, it's a family. HeartCo is all about being the ultimate Media Solution, from graphic design through to photography and - of course - LEGO caricatures. I mean, what's an office without a little LEGO version of you?

Minifigures Made


Websites Built


Photos Taken


Cans of Pepsi

HeartCo's Big Three

As you may have already gathered, HeartCo is made up of three main businesses. You can get a brief overview of them by watching this little animation, but if you'd like to learn more about HeartCo or any of the businesses that make it up - click the button below to visit the About page.

Get yourself a Personalised Minifigure!

Build Me Mini is the where we put our massive archives of unused brand-new LEGO parts to good use. By making... you! Send us a photo and we'll send you a mini version of yourself as a LEGO caricature. Or better yet, get a frame to put it in too!

Some of our awesome clients...