There’s nothing to worry about. We still offer the same services we always have. How we classify the names of the business has changed – and that’s all. Let me explain. HeartCo Ltd is the name that Stephen Holdstock (that’s me!) gave his various businesses when he started out in 2009. At the time he traded as a Sole Trader, using the name HeartCo.

As Stephen’s businesses developed and diversified, he couldn’t really categorise all his work as a single entity. So he separated out the entities into individual limited companies. The problem was that Stephen loved the name HeartCo and felt it was always a unifying factor that held the various other businesses together. So the HeartCo Ltd was created in name only, essentially a dormant company. While all trade and business activity actually came through the separate trading businesses Build Me Mini Ltd (offering bespoke personalised gifts), Media Sussex Ltd (offer all things media related), Stephen Holdstock, Sole Trader (for anything left over).

Later on, Stephen’s wife started up a Family and Wedding Photography business (which is now more successful than all of the other businesses put together), OliveJoy Photography. While this also comes under the family banner of HeartCo, OliveJoy Photography still remains its’ own separate trading entity.

So there you have it – the HeartCo businesses and why HeartCo isn’t closed down – even if the company is listed as Dormant.