Project Management Made Easy

We looked through various existing softwares and transitioned through many of them over the course of several weeks. And since we spent a lot of time and energy into finding (what we found to be) the best solution – we thought we’d share it with you. It’s not a new technology, it’s been around for a while. You may have even heard of (or already use) it. But it’s worth a mention here on our blog. It’s called Trello. And it’s the bomb.

This post looks at how Trello works and how you can use it to help streamline your business (for free). The beauty of Trello is that ability to drag and drop tasks around your lists as you see fit. Not only is it easy to do, it’s incredibly satisfying.

You can check out Trello here. This link. takes you to a sign up page (all free).

WooCommerce and WordPress

Recently, a lot of our clients have been looking to have us build E-Commerce shops for them. This is something we really enjoy – but what’s more – we enjoy helping them USE the site once we’ve finished building it.

Static sites are great, but having an e-commerce site means that the user needs to understand, at least the basics, of how to use the site. Most specifically, perhaps, when it comes to orders and products.

For this reason, HeartCo (with Media Sussex) put together three handy Youtube tutorials on how to use WooCommerce, which is the standard solution for turning a WordPress site into a shop.

We’ve broken them down into three handy videos:
1 – Products; 2 – Orders; 3 – WooCommerce Settings (for advanced users)