HeartCo has recently been in the spotlight in the local community as one of the most accessible ways for a small business to get online with professional, yet affordable websites in Shoreham, Sussex and beyond.
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HeartCo Affordable Website Options

We offer three main website services: Content Management System (such as WordPress), Custom and Media-Custom.

Content Management System Websites

The first option, Content Management System is a website that is based around an already-built structure. This enables us to keep the cost down as well as enabling you to edit the website simply and easily after it has been created. We can also provide CMS’s developed specifically for the client.

Custom Websites

The second option, Custom, is where we will create a simple website from scratch to the specification given by the client. This option costs a little more, but ensures that the site is completely created from scratch.

Media Custom Websites

The final option, Media-Custom, is a more complicated version of the Custom structure. Instead of a simple set of web pages, this option will contain large amounts of media such as video or Flash animation and will often contain many levels and pages to its overall structure.

Need more information?

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