Early Logo Concept

This particular project has taken many drastic twists along the way, to produce a final result that everyone seems to be proud of. Brighton-based Craig Towner Music Tuition (CTMT for short) approached us and asked if we could put together an entire package for them – with a major focus on their website.

They didn’t have a logo at the time, so that was our initial stepping stone. After discussing the concept with their managing director, Craig Towner, we agreed to into a logo that had a small circle or icon that could be used with (or without) the logo’s text. The other initial thoughts were to go with greys and to highlight the logo with pink. The first draft of the logo (pictured, left) was highly inspired by classic Pop Culture in the music scene, edging further to the retro scene, but still maintaining a level of modern sophistication. It is a logo that would fit nicely into a scene of “Never mind the Buzzcocks”. It featured a roundish font and a bright pink target with bold, black lines around it.

While this logo did meet the original specification of CTMT, it didn’t “hit the mark” (if you’ll excuse the pun…). While still working on the website, we began discussing the website. It became apparent that they were now looking towards a more vintage approach to the website. This changed things for us. We began to consider what would have happened to the logo if it had been left on Brighton beach for a decade or so.After a few sniffs of the fresh, beach air we came up with something that would eventually become the official branding of Craig Towner Music Tuition.

The Final Product

We neatened up the fonts, giving the Craig Towner line more of hand-writing approach and made the Music Tuition text classier – but maintaining its boldness and then wrecked the traget. We scratched it, discoloured it and left it in a dark room for a few days. It came out a little something like this (pictured, right).

From here, we started to look at the website.