The Resonate Icon

After producing a logo that reflected the fresh image that the national youth ministry was going for – we started work on the website. The website needed to contain the same fresh feel to it, but not be tied down by any specific colour scheme. It was important to remember that while the logo was able to have the gradient blue background (which would feature in the launch flier), the website needed to be more general. The website was needing a longer shelf-life than the fliers that were initially created.

The Resonate: Splash Page

For this reason, we took the logo back to the drawing board and started from a blank, black logo and worked up. This caused to investigate the possibility of using silhouettes within the website design and to compliment them small bits of bright colour. It was a youth site, so it was important to incorporate life and brightness throughout. That’s where we came up with the plan to make it as random as possible, but still keeping a clean and fresh feel to it.


The Full Site

We designed a simple 3D look to the logo and complimented it with a block-feel font to make it look as though it had been drawn on. As you can see from the splash page (pictured, above right), it added a level of youthy-ness that the logo seemed to compliment. From there we began to add neon-like colours to the site until we had fully produced something that not only looked clean and fresh, but also looked youthy and edgy (pictured left). This was produced in early 2010 and is now unavailable online.