Choosing a hosting package can be tricky. But to help you save some well-earned money, we are happy to let you in on the secrets that we use to keep costs down. Below are the HeartCo recommended Hosting packages.

Our Website Hosting:

web hosting shorehamThe first option we can offer is for us to host a website for you on our servers. We have a range of hosting services that will vary in price to match your website needs. We pay for hosting on our servers – so we can charge you a monthly fee to manage your hosting for you. The added incentive to this is simple: we take care of the complicated bit for you.

Usually the cost of our hosting will match that of other providers, plus you gain the added advantage of us managing it for you. If you are interested in our Hosting services please email us on the contact page, or call 01273 383977 and we will get back to you.

Other Website Hosting:

We don’t force any of our customers to take our hosting, and we are happy to recommend alternatives. But we can go the extra mile, we can even offer you the deals that have gained from working with these companies.

The links below include exclusive discounts that are made available to you through HeartCo. Hosting packages are recommended in cost order. Yes, we earn commission for these links, but they are also genuinely good deals that we use ourselves. In order to get the deals that we get, don’t leave the page once you click the link – otherwise the deal won’t be applied.

  • Fatcow

    web hosting shoreham - fatcow
    This package contains unlimited server space, unlimited mailboxes and unlimited traffic. And with our discount, it comes with over 50% off normal price. Costing less than $4 (that’s roughly £2) a month. It also includes a free domain name for the first year. This package is environmentally friendly, 100% powered by wind! Fatcow Offer.

  • 123-reg

    web hosting shoreham - 123-reg
    123-reg offer exceptionally cheap domain name registration packages and now also provide hosting packages too. They may not be quite as cheap as FatCow, but they can help you register just a domain name (or just the hosting). 123-Reg Offer.

  • 1and1

    web hosting shoreham - 1and11and1 offer a wide variety of hosting options as well as the capacity to buy domain names. It is worth noting that some of their prices can be quite high for the more advanced packages. 1and1 Offer.

  • VidaHost

    web hosting shoreham - vidahostVidahost, is our favourite. They are affordable, reliable and have excellent customer service. We have used them countless times and every time they have been brilliant. Vidahost offer a large variety of services – some of which we have exclusive discount codes for. Visit their website through this link: Vidahost.

    Add these promotional codes at the end of the purchase for extra money off:
    10% Off hosting packages. Promo code: mediasuss-hosting
    15% Off Virtual Dedicated Servers. Promo code: mediasuss-server
    20% Off SSL Certificates. Promo code: mediasuss-ssl

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