Original Relentless Logo (Not Designed by us)

The brief was to create a modern-looking conference flier that would bring colour to the Relentless brand. Prior to this moment, the Relentless logo looked *ahem* very similar a rather famous beverage. For this reason the current logo (shown, right) and name (Relentless) were to be changed in 2010. For this reason, the flier needed to end it with a bang. Almost a burst of energy (no drink pun intended). I would like to point out that the current Relentless logo (which was not HeartCo’s handywork) was very good – it just didn’t give the brand a very individual identity.

So it was back to the drawing board for Relentless. For something classy, modern and fresh. But still not drifting too far from the original feel for the brand. Difficult. After much hard labouring, we came up with an idea that panned out better than we could have imagined it..

The Final Product.

The background effect was achieved through overlaying coloured boxes over a heavily-saturated imaged and then, using clipping masks, breaking up the coloured boxes. This produced a Relentless-themed flier which still contained fresh, vibrant colours and made an overall bold statement for the Relentless brand. The font choice came after much experimentation. The eventual font reminded us of something that you would see in an epic film trailer. We liked that feel and felt it lend itself to the rest of the flier.

Hope you like it. They did. So did we.