Not so long ago now, HeartCo were asked to produce a logo for a local garage.
While it may seem to many of simple, everyday task, to us it was an exciting project. You see, we’d never designed for an garage before – and in the past (for various reasons) we’d created a really nice car vector that needed a good home. The time for that vector had finally come.

Initial Logo Creation

The logo which we produced looked a little something like this. From here, we were excited to hear that the logo went on to be stuck onto the side of an actual car to promote the garage and were then asked to produce business cards of the same look.

Business Card Version

The business cards we produced for Southwick Autocare took the logo in a slightly different direction. adding a stroke around the logo and making it slightly more three-dimensional gave the logo a more professional feel. the cards themselves were a perfect thickness with a soft, matt-laminate surface complete with Spot Glass Laminate for the logo itself. As agreed by the garage, they were almost edible.

Another job complete by the HeartCo team.