The Resonate Icon

In July of 2010, a national youth ministry contacted us and asked us to consider rebranding them. We jumped at the chance. After they had decided on the new name, Resonate:, they asked us to produce a logo.

This particular project took us through many different variations of fonts and designs until we landed on the font “Letter Gothic”. We edited the “A” a little and fattened the Stroke around the font to make it a little less sharp. This made it unique enough to be considered as a logo. The final logo is now used across the country in many youth groups and conferences.

We then went on to produce a flier for the opening event along with a website. These can be viewed in the corresponding sections of this site.

While the logo was just a simple one, we felt that it reflected that which we knew about the nationwide group and that it represented a “fresh start” that was discussed in the original brief.

The Final Resonate Logo