The Our City project is an ongoing project that HeartCo are proud to be associated with.
Our City started its journey in late 2009 as an initiative to help promote the various community events that happened in the local area of Portslade and Fishersgate. Based in CityCoast Church, the Our City team have worked over the course of the last year to make the project the success that it is today.

Initial Unused Logo Ideas.

In early 2010, HeartCo were approached and asked to design a logo for Our City. Such an opportunity created quite a stir in the office as we investigated the best way to portray the name (but also ethos) of “Our City”. While collecting images of the Brighton Pavilion, the Pier and the various landmarks of our great city – it became apparent that there weren’t too many landmarks for the area that Our City would originate from. This eventually lead us away from using such landmarks in the logo, at least (we eventually did use such landmarks within the website etc.). We pretty-much scraped the initial ideas and ran with a photo we had taken of the coastline positioned at the very end of Brighton Pier. From here you could see all of Brighton, Hove, Portslade and in fact all the way around to Worthing.

First Draft of the Our City Logo.

Loosely keeping a circular theme we had seemed to pick up along the way, we flipped the coastline image and positioned it in a circle. We then made the coastline a silhouette and changed the colours that we had a divide of three colours: the sky, the coastline and the sea. We took this to the project leaders and they loved it. It really depicted what the project was about and yet still looked like a usable and changeable logo. We weren’t quite happy though.

The next chapter for the logo was the colour scheme. We just weren’t happy with it. We liked the way the sky and the sea were blue – true to life (most of the time). But the red coastline looked a little strange – though the colour itself looked good within the logo.

The Final Our City Logo

It wasn’t until late one evening on the way home from HeartCo HQ that we saw the most beautiful sunset. The sky was a rich pink and the whites of the buildings glowed with golden yellow. That’s when we came up with the solution to the Our City colour scheme. We changed the sky to the red from the original coastline and changed the coastline to a creamy yellow and then made the sea a rich blue. The logo was complete.

Two-Tone Version.

Of late, the Our City colour scheme and logo have been used in Newsletters, fliers and the website. The logo has been put onto car stickers, bookmarks and T-Shirts.

We were also asked to produce a logo that can be changed to fit any colour scheme, which looked like the logo to the right.