The New Crossover Logo.

In connection with the Our City Project, we were also asked to re-design a logo for the Crossover Project. Crossover are a team of people who look out for the disadvantaged and homeless around Brighton and Hove. Working closely with other churches and organisations around the City, Crossover has been making an impact in Brighton for over 12 years.

That’s why it needed a new logo. Since it’s birth, Crossover had been using a basic logo that they had put together to serve the purpose at the time. But as times changed and more marketing was required for the project, the need for a new logo became apparent.

The Diversity of the Crossover logo.

The logo we produced had to be versatile enough to be edited into many scenarios. The initial logo (pictured, above) would be featured in the Crossover Newsletter and so worked well as a title, but from here it needed to be added into the Our City website along with the other projects. The problem was that the new Crossover logo was very rectangular, whereas the Our City site was more based around square logos. For this reason, we provided Crossover with the two elements to the logo separately. This way the “Double Arrow” icon can be positioned appropriately to its surroundings. The best example of this is the project icon for Crossover on the Our City website, as shown (right).